Terms of Use for This Site
Some very simple terms and rules to follow when using this site

The information found on this and all associated websites, and the programs sold on this and all associated websites, is COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL and the property of Brian Lofrumento and UltimateProfitModel.com. All Rights Reserved.


Anything you purchase from Brian Lofrumento and UltimateProfitModel.com is FOR YOUR PERSONAL USE. Teaching, sharing, or splitting the cost with others to acquire programs is in violation of our terms of use and copyright. 

Think about it like this: College tuition is for you, not for your friend who wants the education like you do. Bringing a buddy to attend class under your registration is unthinkable. Same thing when you buy a movie ticket; you don’t walk up the ticket taker and say “oh, yeah, my friend paid for half the ticket because wants to the see the movie too.” When you invest in our programs, you are purchasing “one seat”.... the right to use our materials for yourself, for your benefit. That’s it.


Any form of reproduction; printed, duplicated, digital recreation or distribution, or use as part of any educational or training program in part or in whole is strictly prohibited. Please respect our rights as the owners of this intellectual property. If you don’t understand US Copyright and Intellectual Property Laws, please learn now or simply use this information for the purpose it was intended: to assist you in improving your individual mindset.


Lastly, we would like to mention that purchases you make from Brian Lofrumento and UltimateProfitModel.com does NOT guarantee your success. Since we don't know you, your skills or your drive, you might make more than our students, the same, or make less. Individual results vary.


We are serious about #1, #2, #3 and #4 above. We're real humans behind these Terms of Use, and we like to make sure everyone understands how they can and cannot use the information presented on this website.

Here's a smiling human face...

Hey there! I'm Brian Lofrumento, creator of the Ultimate Profit Model (that's me on the left). Thanks for taking some time to check out our Terms of Use for pages on UltimateProfitModel.com.

Most websites have some crazy legal jargon in their Terms, but I hope that even without an over-dressed, overpaid legal staff you get the idea of what you can and cannot do with our stuff.

Shoot my team an email if you want to get in touch regarding these Terms or anything else that's on your mind.

If you have any questions about how you may or may not reuse our materials, products, or content, please email your question to support@ultimateprofitmodel.com